If you are intrested of aussie puppy  breeded by us , you can contact us  and we will let you know for our big future plans on 2015. Also our boys will meet some beautiful girls during 2014  and you are more then wellcome contact us , to get more info of our boys kids elswere.



*Peak River Bring Me Sunshine - blue merle girl, nbt / sinimerle tüdruk -OTSIME




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Australian Shepherd- (Animal Planet video)

Breed All About It - Australian Shepherd (Animal Planet)


Peak River breeding goal

We do breed with the hope for dogs, that can compete in the different venues. As our puppies go to show homes, performance homes, working homes or pet homes, they need proper conformation to be all that an aussie is meant to be.
Australian Shepherd is  a very intelligent breed. They are easily trained, and quick to catch on to new things. They should be able to do the highest level of obedience, search and rescue, agility, tricks, etc. And ofcourse an aussie without stock instinct is lacking. This breed should be able to do it all!!
We strive to breed puppies that will grow into beautiful, correct, intelligent, athletic, healthy, sweet  and stock-minded dogs.
We try to keep our breedings as "safe" as possible. It is important that your aussie will be able to live out a long healthy life with you.
We wouldn't expect anything less of our wonderful aussies!

Our puppies growing up with : image001