Miracle litter`17

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Peak River miracle litter DOB 16 feb 2017 Official eyecheck at 7 week of age: all Miracles have healthy beautiful eyes.

R. I. P.   Peak River The Wonderful Miracle " Artty"- black tricolor boy (sept`22 due car accitent)

EST LV LT BALTIC CH Peak River The Greatest Miracle "Tjorven"- black tricolor boy, nbt, MDR -/+ AA/00

Peak River Believes In Miracles " Tensly"- black tricolor girl

Peak River The Spunky Miracle " Sissy" - black tricolor girl

Peak River The Shiny Miracle "Ally" -blue merle girl nbt

Peak River The Truelove Miracle "Max"- black tricolor boy

Peak River Miracle of Masterpiece "Ivo" -blue merle boy , nbt-

Peak River The Sweetest Miracle " Mimi" - black tricolor girl

EST JCH Peak River The Cutest Miracle " Mafi" - black tricolor girl