Perfect litter-19

DOB 11 aprill 2019

Jotars No Limits & Sakura Daugavas Loki

2 boys and 3 girl

All puppies are clear by parentage: CEA, HC, PRA. Official puppy eyecheck at age 7,5 week- all have healthy eyes.

MDR +/+ or +/-

60238753 2451046031572614 2869921396572553216 N

EST J CH Peak River Perfect Piece of Gold " Cool-D" ( red tricolor male) MDR, NCL, DM : +/+ (clear) hips, elbows: AA/00, eyes clear july 2020

60608279 2461871043823446 666950941521477632 N

Peak River Perfect Gift of Joy " Lonni"( red merle girl)

60308688 2456432224367328 3455370158216839168 N

Peak River Perfect Catch of Luck " Iiris" ( red merle girl) hips, elbows:AA/00, MDR +/+

59922130 2451045208239363 3588738818427060224 N

Peak River Perfect Sparkle of Life " Piiki" ( blue merle girl) MDR+/+

60762051 2468829536460930 3297794804628324352 N

Peak River Perfect Love Story " Leo" ( blue merle male)

 * This is our not planned  litter and we are very thankful to" mother nature" what we got 5 big healthy fluffy babies. All merle puppies dna  analys for coat color result: m/M M-83T (that means they are normal merles, not double merles) and red tricolor puppy dna analys for coat color: m/m ( non merle)