Royal litter´13

C.I.B, EST-,LT-,LV-,BALTIC-, FI-,SE CH,EST-,LV-,LT-,BALTIC JUN CH; EST w´11; Tln W`12; BIS W, Estonian TOP Showdog 2012 -Thunderbays Xtrem Xposure & CAN-,LV-,LT-,EST-, Baltic CH; EST w´14; EST Veteran W´14; EST Vet. CH, Res Veteran WW´14 - Gefions Kirrabilli By Highrail

dob 06.07.2013

Peak River Royal Chivalry " Maui"-male AA/00

969281 644059548937947 1356416346 N

ESTJCH; LVJCH,LTJCH,BALTJCH, ESTJW´14 -Peak River Royal Serene " Serene"- female AA/00

539661 644059588937943 945325653 N

Peak River Royal Deisre "Lana"- female CD/00

1006330 644059515604617 752680033 N

Peak River Royal Bidwell "Ruudi"-male EE/01 (Ruudi is our little miracle, he was only 170 g when born (normal is 300-400g)But he survive and we are so proud of him.

988299 644059595604609 239594958 N

Peak River Royal Wisdom "Oz" -male AA/00

994907 644059492271286 1635116429 N