Western litter´18

Kusti X Piper

All puppies from Western litter are clear by parentage; HC, CEA, PRA

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PEAK RIVER THE HIGH COUNTRY  " Eco" blue merle boy long tail

Western 6 Week 306

PEAK RIVER DECISION AT SUNDOWN" Irina"  red merle girl long tail

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PEAK RIVER WILD WILD WEST "Kreatcher" blue merle boy (nbt)

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PEAK RIVER JANE GOT A GUN "Lumi" black tricolor girl(nbt)

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PEAK RIVER THE LONE RANGER "Alfons" blue merle boy (nbt)

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PEAK RIVER BILLIE THE KID "Billi" black tricolor boy, long tail

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PEAK RIVER MY DARLING CLEMENTINE" Taina" red tricolor girl ( nbt)

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PEAK RIVER THEY CALL ME TRINITY  black tricolor girl, long tail