Western litter´18

Kusti X Piper

All puppies from Western litter are clear by parentage; HC, CEA, PRA

PEAK RIVER THE HIGH COUNTRY  " Eco" blue merle boy long tail
PEAK RIVER DECISION AT SUNDOWN" Irina"  red merle girl long tail
PEAK RIVER WILD WILD WEST "Kreatcher" blue merle boy (nbt)
PEAK RIVER JANE GOT A GUN "Lumi" black tricolor girl(nbt)
PEAK RIVER THE LONE RANGER "Alfons" blue merle boy (nbt)
PEAK RIVER BILLIE THE KID "Billi" black tricolor boy, long tail
PEAK RIVER MY DARLING CLEMENTINE" Taina" red tricolor girl ( nbt)
PEAK RIVER THEY CALL ME TRINITY  black tricolor girl, long tail