Kitalon’s The Day of Black Sun (imp. Hungary)

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(Shoerland Two Thums Up Ace & Hatarvölgyi Ezüstcilla Arctic Dream)

Born: 16.03.2018
Color: black tricolor
Sex: female
Weight: 22 kg
Height: 50 cm
Tail: NBT
Bite:complete scissors bite
Hips,elbows: AA/00
Eyes: clear (as puppy)HC +/+ (N/N-clear)
MDR1 +/- (N/P- carrier)
PRA-prcd +/+ (N/N-clear)
CEA -/+ (MUT/WT-carrier)
DM +/+ (N/N-clear)
CMR1 +/+(N/N-clear)

FCI  registered

Omanik/ Owner: co/owned with kennel Peak River and Katrin. Lives and loved by Katrin family.

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