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 We will have christmas babies ......

Timber  Faith Loplik

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Rohkem infot / more info:

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 Tõust ja tervisest leiate eesti keelset  infot SIIT

Eesti Austraalia Lambakoerte Tõuühing

Millest koosneb kutsika hind  (hästi lahtikirjutatud teema)


Our puppies are raised in the house with lots of socialisation, love and care. They are our babies, so we are very picky about our owners.  Please when you inquire about a puppy of ours tell us about your living circumstances, what are your plans with the puppy, how much quality time you can spend daily with your future pup!


Are you really ready to live with australian shepherd?:

About aussies health: http://www.ashgi.org/




Dogs  we use in our breeding programm have  all health tested (you can see results in their pages):
hip/elbows dysplasia official check
eyes check (official check)

Genetic tests:

PRA = Progressive Retinal Atrophy
CEA = Collie Eye Anomaly
HC = Hereditary Cataracts (HSF4)



6 Weeks 009

Peak River Miracle Of Masterpiece

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