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We have puppies! Australian shepherd litter born  3 august ( we search co-owners), and rough collie litter born  5 august (2 girls available, we search co-owner for a  black tricolor girl).


*18-19 september international shows

🐾Peak River So Talented Soul Pooh: CACIB, Best of Breed, GROUP IV (presented only on 18 sept show)

     2x Best of Breed junior, junior certificate = 🏆Estonian junior champion🏆
2x best male, Best of Oppisite Sex junior and adult, junior certificate= 🏆Estonian Junior Champion 🏆


*10-13 september ineternational shows

Peak River So Talented Soul Pooh: 2x Best of Breed, 3x CACIB, new title: ESTONIAN WINNER 2021

Peak River Ice Cream Cookie Dough: CACIB, Best of Opposite Sex, new title: TALLINN WINNER 2021

Miniature American Shepherd - Justin

🐾Silver Dream Minis Just In Time - Best Of Breed Baby! (12 sept show)

Our beauty rough collie Kiss

🐾Monsolana Love N Kiss Jotars:ex,Cq (11 sept show)


* 29 august Ralli obedience exam.

🐾Peak River Hip Hop  Diddy Shuffle  and 🐾 Peak River Exclusive Snowflake can add into their names now also RO-2

Well done owners, you rule!

* 22 august International show Baltic Winner 2021

🐾Peak River Fly Glossy Swiftlet “ Sting” :BEST OF BREED !!!!!! 🤩 Age 8,5 years!!!!!!!

   Also BOB veteran and new title “ Baltic Veteran Winner 2021”

🐾Harmony Hills Runnin@ Mystic Falls”Muffin” 9 years - Best of Opposite Sex Veteran and Best Female 4!!!!!

    New title: Baltic Veteran Winner 2021

🐾Peak River So Talented Soul Pooh - ex2,sq

🐾Peak River Ice Cream Cooki Dough - ex

Miniature American Shepherd Justin

🐾Silver Dream Minis Just In Time - Best Of Breed Baby!

Our beauty rough collie Kiss

🐾Monsolana Love N Kiss Jotars:ex3,Cq

Thank you Marge and Jane for handling help ❤️

* National show 1 august

 Peak River Exclusive Snowflake " Puffin" - ex1, cq, certificate, best female, best of opposite sex: ESTOANIAN CHAMPION


* What a trip- what a results!  1200 km/ 2 days trip and 10 new titles ”Estonia-Lithuania-Latvia “

🐾Peak River Fly Glossy Swiftlet “Sting”- Lithuanian-, Latvian-, Baltic veteran champion. Also res.BIS Veteran and Group II at Lithuania.
Harmony Hills Runnin @ Mystic Falls “ Muffin” - Lithuanian-,Latvian-, Baltic veteran champion
🐾 Peak River So Talented Soul Pooh “ Timber”- Lithuanian-, Latvian-, Baltic champion
🐾Peak River Pocket Full of Dreams” Suvi” - Lithuanian Junior Champion
Thank you all persons who involved this project, to make my trip possible ….. ❤️
* International show Parnu, Peak River Magical Dream - Estonian Veteran Champion! Congratulations to owners and thank you showing him!
*Happy 8th Birthday Royal litter, 4th Birthday  Extreme litter , 3 th Birthday Western litter. Thank you all puppy owners for your care and love! 
*3-4. July National show Imavere 2021, Estonia
03.07.2021 Saturday
Judge: Darko Drobnjak (Serbia)
Breeder: Suvi, Brutus, Cooki -1 promotion price,BEST OF BREED BREEDER
Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari (Finland)
Peak River Ice Cream Rocky Road `Brutus`- ex 1, sq, best male2
Peak River Exclusive Snowflake `Puffin`- ex 1, sq, certificate, best female 2
Peak River Ice Cream Cookie Dough `Cooki`-ex 1, sq, best female1, BEST of BREED!!!!! and BIG 3th!!!
Breeder: Puffin, Brutus, Cooki -1 promotion price,BEST OF BREED BREEDER
Brace: Peak River Ice Cream Rocky Road `Brutus`&Peak River Ice Cream Cookie Dough `Cooki` - 1, promotion price
and BIS BRACE 1!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
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4 june I, II, X Group Show, harjumaa

Peak River Precious Faith and Love- Best of Breed Baby, BEST IN SHOW BABY I !!!!!!

Kalliskivi Sarav Paikesekiir - very promising2, promotion price

Peak River Pocket Full of Dreams - junior certificate, best female 2, Best of Breed Junior

Peak River Perfect Piece of Gold - certificate, best male 3  - new ESTONIAN CHAMPION

Peak River IceCream Cookie Dough -cq, best female 3


29-30 may national dogshow, Sulbi

Peak River Fly Glossy Swiftlet: Best of Breed, Best Of Breed veteran - new Estonian Veteran Champion

Peak River So Talented Soul Pooh: best male 2, certificate - new Estonian Champion

Dragonflame`s Aloha Wau Ia`Oe - excelent 



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*Official eye check - all 12 dogs  eyes clear

-all 5 from Ice litter

-all 5 from Friendship litter

Yoli and Tommy

*Friendship litter 6 weeks

 IMG 8058

*Happy Birthday Sidney 1 year, Perfect litter  2 years, Dreams litter 1 year!


*Friendship litter born 10 march 1 black tricolor boy, 2 blue merle boys, 1 red tricolor girl, 1 blue merle girl.

IMG 5350

*March 7 Tiffany 6th Birthday, March 16 Cecilia 3th Birthday, March 14 Micah 1th Birthday - Happy Birthday to all!

*Happy 9th  Birthday Casino litter and 5th Birthday Wow Paws litter.


22 february agility results

*Peak River So lovely Minni  2x III place and A1 > A2 . Well done, so proud!!!!!

*Peak River Cool Doc Hudson A0 class 2x I place, III and IV place. 

*Happy 4th  Birthday Miracle litter and 3th  Birthday Hip-Hop litter.


* 23-24 january agilty results:

Peak River Cool Doc Hudson- A0 class I place, 2x II place.,IV place

Peak River So Lovely Minni- A1 class  3 x I place, II place

* our babies 4,5 weeks old and got names . We call this litter Faith and Love litter.

Peak River Precious Faith and  Love

Peak River Faith Hope Love

Peak River Twist of Faith and Love


IMG 9953 2

* Happy Birthdays our Country music litter 7 years , Bon Bon litter 5 years and Ice litter 1 years and 

* Welcome little Sunny 






*XMAS 2020 @peakriver pics

*Soon we welcome new co-owned girl at Peak River. She is Timber & Jenny (Kalliskivi kennel) baby girl.

 4th advent video of cute deer.

*eye check - eyes clear

Peak River Wow Paws Happy Dance -Disco

Peak River So So Special Blueberry- Breston

*Happy 13th Birthday  Bubba . Check out his birthday agility hall visit video, he still can do it!!!!!

*Happy Birthday Snowflake litter, Beamys and Disney litter!


PEAK RIVER GLORY PRINCESS ELSA is now officially hypo alert dog!!!

Thank you Elsas owner for such a great work! We are very proud of you two!!!!


21 november agility, Tartu

*Bambi* Peak River So Magic Bambi A1 class: II place

15 november agility, Tallinn

*Minni* Peak River So Lovely Minni A1 class:2x I and II place

*Grace*Peak River Fly Graceful Pitta Brit A3 class: III place and 2 x V place

 7 november agility, Tartu

*Hudson*  Peak River Cool Doc Hudson  A0 class: I, II, III place

*Minni* Peak River So Lovely Minni A1 class: I, 2xII place

*Pippin* Peak River Magical Love A3 class: III , II place

7 november international show, Tartu

*Luna* Peak River Wild Ice Tornado:  excellent 1, cq, junior certificate, Best Female 4, BEST OF BREED JUNIOR

IMG 5417


Halloween 2020 pics 

IMG 4652

Meet our new visitor girl Lula collie from England

Jotars Moon of Spirits

IMG 3434 2

25.10 Estonian Winner show

Timber Estw

*Timber* Peak River So Talented Soul Pooh - new title ESTONIAN WINNER 2020 and best of breed, CACIB 

*Muffin* Harmony Hills Runnin@Mystic Falls -new title ESTONIAN VETERAN WINNER 2020

*Cookie* Peak River Ice Cream Cookie Dough- CACIB

17.10 agilty

*Bambi* Peak River So Magic Bambi A1 class jumping: II place

3-4.10 Rally obedience results:

*Ryder* Thunderbays Xtrem Xposure (11 years) R-OB1 class: 87/100, 89/100  R-OBV class:90/100, 88/100 new working merit  R-OB1

*Tiffany* Triplemoon Glossy Diamond  R-OB2 class: 77/100, 80/100

*Muffin* Harmony Hills Runnin@Mystic Falls (8 years)  R-OBV class: 91/100,91/100,93/100 new working merit  R-OBV

*Puffin* Peak River Exlucive Snowflake  R-OB1 class: new working merit  R-OB1

 IMG 3352


19.09 agility *Bambi* Peak River So Magic Bambi A1 class: I place


29-30.08 Haapsalu national shows

Australian shepherds:

Peak River Pocket Full of Dreams - Best of Breed Baby!

Peak River Exclusive Snowflake - excellent 1, cq, certificate, Best Female 2

Harmony Hills Runnin@Mystic Falls- excellent 1, cq, Best Of Breed Veteran

Miniature American Shepherd:

Legacys Dream Bigger Than The Stars - excellent 1, cq, junior certificate, Best female, BOS and BOS junior

Collie rough:

Monsolana Love N Kiss Jotars - excellent 1, cq, best female, BOS


15.08 Tallinn Winner 2020 show:

*Peak River Roses and Dreams Jackpot -  Tallinn Veteran Winner’20 and Estonian Veteran Champion

*Harmony Hills Runnin@Mystic Falls - Estonian Veteran Champion

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9.08 Norwegian aussie speciality :

*Kiter ( Peak River Roses and Dreams Klondike) BOS Veteran ...with judge comments :Exctremly lovely temprament !!! 

*Ivi (Peak River Red Wow Paws Can Fly)- very good

9.08 Rally obedience results, Tagadi Estonia. Judge Irina Pojonoka, Latvia:

*Peak River ice Cream Rocky Road and Marge R. - 95 and 89 point and next time RO -3 class

*Peak River Hip Hop Diddy Shuffle and Ahti RO2- 78 points

* Peak River Perfect Catch of Luck and Siiri RO1 - 76 and 81 points

*Peak River Exlucive Snowflake and Pille RO1-77 points

*Harmony Hills Runnin@Mystic Falls ROveteran -91 points

Rally O photos

1 august Narva national show: She did it again!!!  Peak River Ice Cream Cooki Dough - excelent 1,cq, certificate,  best female, BOS. 


*Happy Birthday our Extreme litter  3 years on 27 july and Western litter 2 years on 28 july.

- 18/19 july show results

Elva national show: Peak River Ice Cream Cooki Dough - excelent 1,cq, certificate,  best female, BOS > ESTONIAN CHAMPION

Ogre national show: Peak River Perfect Love Story- excelent 1, junior certificate

Congratulations to owners and thank you showing Peak River aussies.

Cool-D  visited eye doctor and have nice healthy shiny eyes.

Kiss celebrates her 4 th Birthday. 

-Ryder celebrates his 11 Birthday! We love that clown, and so thankful what he isnt change at all by years.  Our funny smiling boy!

IMG 9116

-Finally our new boy arrived, meet MICAH. He is all we did hope and much more, thank you so much to his breeder Appledore kennel. Thank you Johannes and Madli for taking care of him. 

-Timber  gene test results


Cool-D gene test results

Hips, elbows results:

Peak River So Talented Soul Pooh "Timber" -AA/00

Peak River Perfect Piece of Gold "Cool-D" - AA/00

Peak River Perfect Catch of Luck "Iiris" - AA/00

Peak River Exlucive Snowflake "Puffin"- BB/00

Our collie girl Monsolana LoveŃ Kiss Jotars "Kiss" -AA/00


We proudly celebrate  our two special girls  birthdays. Billie 14 years and Muffin 8 years.

100832826 3253698127974063 4134177331189121024 O 14 years young Billie


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18 april 3  puppies born ( Franz & Pippa)

Cecilia gene test reuslt


Tommy gene test results


Sting, Timber, Tjorven, Franz had yearly eye check - all have nice healthy eyes

New junior champion Cool-D

22 january 5 puppies born ( Maximus & Tiffany)